Briefing Banner

A sharp brief from
a tiny format
for instant creative

"This is what a useful banner looks like"


"It might be the best creative we ever received, in 24 hours."


"Interesting ideas made in rapidfire –
we like it!"

Azbuka Vkusa


The briefing process is sloooooooooooow.
Agency websites have hard-to-find-contacts.
Briefs are too long.
And people are slow to call back.


We changed the briefing process for the 21st century.
We invented a banner which can receive short briefs,
and put it on Russia's largest marketing portal.
The solutions were posted on our Facebook within 24 hours.


Within 5 days:
We received 19x more briefs than normal.
Attracted hundreds of admirers.
And started relationships with 8 different brands.